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 Showreel : what we do. 


 Here is a selection of the soundtracks SoundAdvice has created for a range of clients, categories, brands & media. 

From global corporations to small / local enterprises, from fragrances to services via skin care, detergents and pet food, from leaders to challengers, across TV, digital, and events.


 In each of these, our contribution extended all the way from writing or guiding the brief, to the finished soundtrack.  

We compose directly to each edit for maximum sync & impact.

Of course there is much more to our work than creating these soundtracks - but this is often where the relationship with our clients starts. You can find out more about our other missions on the "Clients" and "Services" pages of this site - but in the meantime, enjoy, and feel free to read the text alongside each film to understand how we work.

 Swarovski "Treadmill" 2021/2022 Collection launch (1 of 20+ versions !) 

 Our challenge  The film is a bold move forward for Swarovski, and its assertive take on the question of diversity required an equally strong yet fashion-friendly soundtrack, with a musical IDEA that brought its intention to life with elegant power.

 Our interventions  This is a classic case of how great results can be delivered when there is true collaboration between the creative force behind a brand – and us as composers. We first collaborated with the brand’s chief creator to write a brief : we wanted music that made the film sound uplifting, anthemic, inclusive, with a classically elegant feel and a bold, assertive strut. That sparked the 2 ideas that make up the music : 1) replacing song “lyrics” with a simple statement of the first name of each member from the diverse, striking looking cast – and 2) a rhythm track that combines modern electronic gloss with assertive clapping hands and stomping feet, backing an anthemic melody and chorus.

 Our results  The film has been a runaway success across the world, and resulted in SoundAdvice being named “Swarovski’s musical directors” for the duration of the campaign – and being commissioned to make 20+ versions of the track all in all !

 Head & Shoulders Middle East  "Sub Zero" 2023 launch (1 of 10+ versions !) 

 Our challenge  To help H&S Middle East launch their new ultra fresh “sub-zero” variant – but also, a new tone of voice, an almost cartoony style of humour. The film tells the fast-paced story of a protagonist with a dry, itchy scalp, who gets such welcome relief thanks to H&S’s all-day sensation of freshness, the he ends up enjoying a full day of summer fun and games without breaking a sweat. All good in theory, but the risk, in our view, was that the rapid-fire succession of action vignettes might be too frantic for viewers to follow it and “register” the freshness benefit – how could the music help ?

 Our interventions  We designed the music to help in two ways. First, we used summer-cool cues that evoked freshness – namely, a string arrangement directly inspired by the cocktail sounds of 60’s film soundtracks by Harry Mancini, backed with a breezy reggae beat. Second, instead of having the beat change with each vignette as was initially requested by the agency (sometimes you have to productively disagree…), we kept the music going cool & steady all the way, just like the brand’s freshness benefit – and that, combined with a tempo that fits the scene changes, made the story much easier to follow.

 Our results  The film has been a runaway success across the world, and resulted in SoundAdvice being named “Swarovski’s musical directors” for the duration of the campaign – and being commissioned to make 20+ versions of the track all in all !

 Mr Propre - "Jingle rejuvenation" & Power Spray campaign (4 versions) 

 Our challenge  To soundtrack the launch of Mr Propre's new power spray - but mostly, as part of the project, to rejuvenate the brand's iconic jingle into a new set of arrangements ! The brand knew its importance but were unhappy with how "stale" its sound had become, and couldn't find anyone to seamlessly integrate it into their soundtracks - vs. just "tacking it on."

 Our interventions  We started by articulating a music brief that detailed the role of the music  - creating the tone and feel of an “upbeat modern comedy with a touch of powerful magic”. We then decided that the ingle should both open and close the film to maximize brand recognition, and created the middle section as an extrapolation from the melody and sound of the jingle itself. All that in 8 versions total for different film lengths and countries !. We're showcasing 3 in the attached video, including a really challenging SIX SECOND version for web ads - PLUS a unique instrumental version, so you can hear the intricacies of the work.

 Our results  The film has been a runaway success across Eastern and Western Europe, and we have since then been the exclusive  music creators for the brand - 3 campaigns so far. And the jingle is back for good !

 Sebastian "Manifesto" Relaunch Campaign (6 versions from 15" to 2'00") 

 Our challenge  To soundtrack the relaunch of Wella Pro Hair Care's flagship brand, i.e. a total package of 6 films... in 3 days ! (We DO like having a bit more time, but we CAN work that fast.)

 Our interventions  Brand and agency came to us when they realised the licensed song they had in mind was unaffordable... But  that was only a week before internal deployment. We started by articulating for the client team what they loved about the song - a balance of beauty-care-appropriate, high-gloss beats and female vocal cues, with pop-punk guitars and shouts that signalled rebellion and individuality - which is the core message of the brand. Once that was agreed, we found the main film's natural tempo and created the soundtrack in less than 3 days from scratch to finished product. A record even for us ! The brand and agency team loved the work so much (just as much as we loved their incredibly inspiring images) they asked us to create shorter versions of the same track for the demo videos they also aired, plus a longer version for cast interviews. 

 Our results  In the words of the client : [SoundAdvice] "got it within seconds and saved our film by composing an original piece that brought the drama to life perfectly ! Professional, fast and exactly the right level of emotion !"

 Ariel "Do you pod ?" TV advert (30 second version) 

 Our challenge  A classic case of being brought in as emergency helpers to "crack" music for a TV copy after over 15 unsuccessful rounds of discussion between the brand team and agency.

 Our interventions  As ever, the first intervention was to sit down and articulate a clear brief that both client and agency could agree on : put simply, we boiled down the role of the music to supporting the film's Danny-Boyle-esque, stylish brand of high-energy elegance, as well as its playfully contagious / infectious sense of rhythm - meant to communicate the core idea that Ariel pods are "designed for the rhythm of modern life". Once that was agreed, and as always when we worked on a finished film, we first found the "natural beat" of the edit - and created a track that matched it to amplify its effect, by merging a "Lust-for-life" rhythm track with contemporary cues borrowed from the funk pop productions of Pharrell and Mark Ronson.

 Our results  The film has been a huge success throughout Europe - and both brand and agency believe in the music so much that they asked us to soundtrack each of the new versions they have put on air : there's TWELVE of them so far !

 Wella "Invigo" Launch Campaign (8 versions from 45" to 2'30") 

 Our challenge  To soundtrack not only the advert for a major new launch by the famous Professional Hair Care brand, but a

total package of 8 films, including a sales video and three product demos, all of different lengths and with different structures.

 Our interventions  First we created the track that you will hear first - for the 45 second launch ad. This established the blueprint, melody and sonic palette that answered the brand's brief : to combine a glossy sense of elegance and scientific perfection (standard in the category's sounds and images) - with a much more organic, human, hand-crafted feel unique to the brand and its relationship withe the hair stylists it takes inspiration from. Once that was approved, we were given all the other versions of the film to "edit" to - but we don't edit : we re-compose, re-arrange, re-perform to each length of film, to make sure that the music is a perfect fit to the images all across the package, from shortest to longest format.

 Our results  The package has set a new standard for how the brand's sonics match the excellence of its visuals. And the client loved how the music managed to sound coherent all across - while doing justice to each of the films (5 of them here). 

 L'Occitane Christmas 2017 TV and online advert (30 second version) 

 Our challenge  To help French Beauty brand L'Occitane have their most successful Christmas event ever, by soundtracking the supporting film created by Tribal. The music was to carry the whole magic of the story, as there was NO VOICE OVER.

 Our interventions  Along with the creative team and the film director, we agreed that the music should support the film's sense of festive wonderment, playful mystery and joyous magic, to enhance the motional impact of the beautifully crafted story of the hedgehog's gift factory. We therefore composed and produced a theme anchored in the world of "magical" music classics - Dukas' "Sorcerer's Apprentice", Tschaikowsky's "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy", and later - the works of composing genius Danny Elfman for the best films by Tim Burton or Henry Selick.

 Our results  The film as soundtracked by us achieved by far the best test score in L'Occitane history, with hugely positive consumer response to the music and how it fits and supports the mood and story. As a result, it was re-used in many countries in 2018 & 2019 - quite unusual for a brand that insists on delivering news all-around during the Xmas sales peak.

 L'Occitane Christmas 2017 TV and online advert (20 second version) 

 Our challenge  To protect the sense of Christmas Magic created for the L'Occitane Xmas 2017 film in its 30 second version (above), despite a much shorter format (20 seconds). 

 Our interventions  This is another good showcase of how we work to create multiple lengths of soundtrack for multiple lengths of film. In order to protect the sound-to-image fit and sense of joyful wonderment created by our 30-second version, and thus maximize copy effectiveness, and media investment, we re-arranged and re-performed the track as needed. And so, as we hope you agree, the magic is just as present in this version - in fact, subjectively, we even like it more than the 30 second version as we feel its pace is stronger, without feeling rushed.

 Our results  The majority of the media budget went to this 20'' edit, which was immensely successful. Another, even shorter version (15 seconds), with which the client and agency were equally happy, is also available on our youtube channel, and manages to protect the magic despite the shorter running time.

 Lacoste L1212 Dual TV "Bang Bang" cover (35 second version) 

 Our challenge  To help Lacoste & Grey Advertising create a successful follow-up to the L1212 "for her" (below). The music's role, as captured in the music brief we wrote for the team, was to enhance the dramatic effect of the elegantly poetic playfulness of the "duel" so well portrayed in the film. 

 Our interventions  We wrote the music brief and identified "Bang Bang" as the perfectly iconic lyrical fit for the film. We then lead the creation of two new versions with a more elegantly upbeat, playful tone - to best fit the story and the brand. One, aired in Europe, was arranged and performed by French musician Kid Francescoli. The other, featured here, was created by us. The blend of cutting edge beats and organic, playful handclaps, the iconic guitar sound inspired by Nancy Sinatra's version and the gracious vocal by Kid and his partner, all combine to modernize the song and lift its mood to match the film.

 Our results  Another huge success for Lacoste and a continuing story of elegantly light and playful soundtracks that keep building the image of the brand. This version was even aired in Latin America and Russia.

 Lacoste L1212 Dual TV "Bang Bang" cover (20 second version) 

 Our challenge  To protect the effectiveness of our music for the Lacoste L1212 Dual 35 second copy, in a much shorter format. In fact there were also a 15 and a 10 which you can find on our Youtube channel. 

 Our interventions  This is a showcase of how we work to create multiple lengths of soundtrack for multiple lengths of film. In order to ensure perfect sound-to-image fit and synergy, and thus maximize dramatic effect, copy effectiveness, and media investment, we do not follow the standard approach of merely "cutting" a long track to fit a short film, which most often leads to terrible results. Instead, we re-arrange, re-create and re-perform the track as needed - and so, as we hope you agree, the fit is just as perfect and the track sounds just as composed-to-image on the 20 second edit as it does on the 35.

 Our results  The majority of the media investment did go to this 20 second edit, which can thus be credited with much of the initiative's success. Needless to say both the client and agency were also extremely happy with the result, and have used the soundtrack as a blueprint for many of their following films.

 Lacoste L1212 Pour Elle launch TV

 Our challenge  To help Lacoste & Grey Advertising create a successful follow-up to the L1212 "male "Polo in a bottle" launch from 2 years before - with "L1212 for her". The music choice for the previous film (Grandmaster Flash's "The Message") was incredibly effective but the team couldn't articulate the strategy that made it so or write a music brief.

 Our interventions  We started by writing the music brief, which articulated the need for a vintage classic with contemporary relevance and a fresh feel, echoing the timeless & simple elegance of both the featured Lacoste skirt and the fragrance it inspired - with a feminine twist. We then guided Grey & Platinum Rye to select the winning song, the original "Tainted love," among potential candidates, based on best fit and usage cost. Last but not least, we constructed the edit of the song that appears in the film, ensuring seamless sync to the images - there are 8 cuts and fade in / fade outs in these 20 seconds of music, done so that you can't hear them !

 Our results  The most successful Lacoste launch in years, which the team largely credits to the music (see "clients"). 

 Olay Total Effects Featherweight launch TV 

 Our challenge  To help Olay and the Saatchi & Saatchi London team solve a "music headache" with their latest Olay commercial. No one would agree what music to use as the tonal and emotional objectives were undefined - and the typically lengthy voice-over, a must-have for a credible product message, meant that most attempts before clashed with the words. 

 Our interventions  We wrote the music brief, which articulated the need for a track with enough of a lightweight feel and texture to support the product benefit AND to leave the voice-over as clear as possible - as opposed to the skin-less, standard electronic sounds used in much of the category's ads; but also, for a rockier, bouncier feel vs. the beauty-standard abstract / electronic sounds in use across Olay's competition, in order to start bringing to life the "daring, bold and approachable" personality that client and agency had devised for the future of the brand.

 Our results  The soundtrack's combination of beauty-relevant modern cues (the beat), tactile feel (the guitars and bass) and rocking touch (the riff and tone) helped the ad test very successfully - and market results were also excellent

 Downy Softeners Middle East brand launch TV 1 

 Our challenge  To help P&G and the Grey Warsaw team ensure a successful launch for fabric softener brand Downy across the middle East and Africa. Softeners are a highly emotional category in which music plays a critical role in establishing emotional benefits and brand character, and the team could not articulate their needs into a brief.

 Our interventions  Based on the finished film, we wrote a proper music brief which clearly articulated the role of the music - to create a sense of childlike simplicity, genuine tenderness, and intimate kindness, while underlying the drama's evolution towards a climax of happy confidence. We then proceeded to create the soundtrack from scratch - as previous submissions by other composers were clearly off brief - beautiful pieces of music, but with a clearly marked cinema-romantic feel, which just didn't fit the mood of parent / child tenderness of the film.

 Our results  A highly successful launch, which resulted in us being asked to soundtrack he next 2 Downy films as well - a second launch film and leverage follow-up, and an extension of the use of our music from 1 to 3 years.

 Downy Softeners Middle East brand launch TV 2 

 Our challenge  To soundtrack a partner film to the above Downy Middle East launch copy, with more of a "product-focused" story than the "purpose-driven" story of the other copy - again in the absence of a music brief.

 Our interventions  We wrote the music brief for both films back to back. Our goal was to have the same music and sounds across both for maximum brand recognition, but arranged and structured differently, to support the specific drama of each film while preserving the branded coherence between them - in this film, what was essential was the little boy's "arc" from the cosy, tender comfort of Mum's arms, to his moment of doubt when standing up in front of his class, to a climactic moment of happily confident resolution as the scent of the product gives him the strength to perform his music piece in front of his class. We created the soundtrack for all edits based on this brief.

 Our results  Together with its partner film, this formed a highly successful launch campaign, extended from 1 to 3 years. And the team trusted our music's contribution so much that they asked us for a third soundtrack.

 Downy Softeners Middle East TV 3 - first ever line extension launch 

 Our challenge  To help P&G and the Grey Warsaw team launch a new line extension in the Downy softener brand and ensure its success, while at the same time continuing to build brand recognition and equity following our first 2 films.

 Our interventions  Again based on the finished film, we articulated the role of the music in a new brief - to further the brand's trademark sense of childlike simplicity, genuine tenderness, and intimate kindness, while adding a dimension of playful competition - between the 2 kids, and their 2 mums. We then proceeded to create the soundtrack based on our established melody and sounds, but to a different beat and structure, mirroring the film's unique drama - and the slightly more "upbeat", playful feel vs. its more gentle, tender predecessors.

 Our results  Again, a highly successful launch - the team requested an extension of the music's usage rights for an added 12 to 24 months, so essential was the role our signature melody played in establishing the brand and its first major line extension across the MEA region.

 Eukanuba World Show - Official Event Anthem 

 Our challenge  To create an anthem for the 2015 Eukanuba World Show, by far the biggest event of that type and an institution of sorts among professional breeders around the world (from this one to Lacoste - this is the sort of diversity we love about this job). The brand had just been sold to a new company and needed an emotional rallying cry of sorts for their community, as well as a step up from the production values of previous editions.

 Our interventions  We wrote the music brief with the client and devised the strategic / creative choice to create not just an anthem, but an Olympic-games-styled, rousing rallying cry of an anthem - as well as the musical package "dressing" the entire day by means of shorter versions (not captured here) and played throughout the event. We created the soundtrack from scratch, and used technology (80 "virtual" musicians) to create a truly symphonic, anthemic feel.

 Our results  The event was an enormous success and served to rekindle the attendance's faith and commitment both to the show and the brand. Our music package has now been used by the event 5 years in a row. (pics : Lisa Croft-Elliott).

 Eukanuba World Show - Official Party Anthem 

 Our challenge  As part of the Eukanuba World Show, we offered the client to help the team create even more of a sense of positive energy - by creating, in addition to the "olympic-styled", orchestral version of the anthem, a "party" version that would serve to both close the day's ceremony and open the evening's festivities.

 Our interventions  We took the "chorus" from our orchestral anthem and used it as a basis for an entirely different, electro-dance version. Given the average age of the participants, we chose sounds and arrangements that would put a fresh spin on 90's Eurodance rather than a more cutting-edge style.

 Our results  Extremely positive feedback from both the client (the organizing team) and the audience, who loved the track to the point of asking for it to be made available as a download and a ringtone. Similar to the orchestrated anthem, this track was used 5 years in a row. In fact, it was used, as well as the rest of the package, until the event was put on hold in the year of Covid ! (pictures : Lisa Croft-Elliott).

 Public Impact - Online launch advert 1 

 Our challenge  We don't ONLY do big multinationals : also small companies :). We supported the online launch of a new service by French research company Public Impact,  a pioneer in the measurement of movie product placement effect.

 Our interventions  We were given the finished animated film with no brief whatsoever. We created a brief that was about establishing a memorable, re-arrangeable, re-usable tune that would help the company build its equity as a preferred partner by movie production studios (hence the music's rooting in film heritage), while supporting the drama's evolution from spy film pastiche" (the first half) to "scientific measurement" (hence the move to electronic, high-tech sounds in the second half). Like all of our work, we composed, arranged, produced and edited the soundtrack in-house.

 Our results  Although there was no testing due to the B-to-B nature of the company, both the client and their clients loved the work so much we got a second project out of it (featured below).

 Public Impact - Online launch advert 2 

 Our challenge  Following the successful launch soundtrack developed for Public Impact, the client asked us to create a new arrangement of their signature melody for an online ad destined to support the launch of a new service - a satisfaction survey among movie theater goers. The difficulty lied in the complexity of the narrative - and the music's challenge was to bring it energy and clarity, while supporting its visual film references with appropriate sound.

 Our interventions  We created a new arrangement of our brand melody, which supports the multiple shifts in tone and story points of the - admittedly complex - finished animation. Our priority was to give it more impact and a clearer flow.

 Our results  Extremely positive feedback from both the client and the animation makers - and the product has become a staple in the client's offering.

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