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 Our clients (scroll down for their feedback
SoundAdvice has already helped a broad range of brands, clients and agencies solve their music related issues  
by creating superbly effective ad soundtracks, music equity guidelines, and clear, decisive briefs that help make
music-for-ads discussions productive and efficient. Here is a list of our clients so far - followed by examples of their feedback after working with us.

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 Client feedback about SoundAdvice 

 Christina Bouglass, Senior Director Global Marketing, Sebastian Profesional Hair Care, Coty 

"We briefed Sound Advice after a disastrous music cover was delivered by our creative agency. Michel got it within seconds and saved our film by composing an original piece that brought the drama to life perfectly ! Professional, fast and exactly the right level of emotion ! "

 Emmanuelle Gabus-Pillon, Global Communications & PR Director, L'Occitane en Provence 

"I worked with SoundAdvice on the development of the L'Occitane Christmas movie music. Christmas is a key period for the brand and in 2017 we had the ambition to develop an emotional film that would bring to life our own magical interpretation of the Christmas tale.

Michel and SoundAdvice have been great partners in this project, submitting a first draft composition early on in the process that drove already a lot of enthusiasm within the brand team and delivering a final composition that was simply magical. The collaboration has also been very smooth through the creative process. We tested the copy in the UK and USA and the voice of the consumer was also highly positive on the music (“Wondering what is happening and listening to the magical music,” “Delightful creatures shown and the music being played is perfect for the scenes,” "The music is lifting..."). We will definitely enjoy working again with SoundAdvice in the future and would highly recommend them."

 Adrien Lamacq, Global Leader, Lacoste fragrances 

"I worked with [SoundAdvice] in the context of our new Lacoste fragrance advertising campaign and I was truly impressed by Michel's unique ability to combine his deep advertising expertise with his immense music knowledge to make fantastic soundtrack recommendations. Thanks to [SoundAdvice], we found the perfect song that truly elevated our idea to the next level. The campaign was a big in-market success and music was the angular stone behind it. I would strongly recommend [them] to anyone who wants to de-multiply the impact of advertising through music."

 Agnieszka Roszczeda, Regional Account Director Downy Softeners, Grey Advertising 

"If, while creating music soundtrack to your commercial, you are looking to cooperate with professionals - [SoundAdvice] is your choice. Thanks to the great experience Michel in building brands, he provides a deep understanding of the thinking behind the creative work as well as a helpful hand in establishing the right objectives for it. And most importantly [SoundAdvice] execute them in the composition."

 Jonathan Brinbaum, Global Leader, Lacoste fragrances 

"An outstanding partner who enabled to define the brief with us, find the right music approved by the brand and the Lacoste Fashion House and edit the perfect mix for our copy. [SoundAdvice have] three unique skills that are very often lacking to standard advertising agencies and that all good brand builders need for a good TV copy: defining a music brief, having an extensive music culture that enables [them] to bring music recommendations and finally having great music skills enabling [them] to compose and / or mix a music for you. 

We all see so many ruined communications because of bad music, be humble enough to acknowledge music requires a music expert as a visual needs an expert photographer. And in this field, [SoundAdvice are] clearly a remarkable partner."

 Lars Ortlieb, PR / ER Leader and Eukanuba World Show lead team member 

"The Eukanuba World Show music was composed and produced by SoundAdvice in less than four (!) weeks. We had nothing but a vague idea but Michel and the team, with their fine feel for the Eukanuba brand equity, the audience and the dramaturgy of the event, created an epic theme to stay with EWC… Undoubtedly, the 2014 EWC Finals in Amsterdam took [...] production and dramaturgy to the next level – a (if not THE) key factor to the tremendous success was the Anthem and related music themes perfectly framing the show and driving the plot to its climax. On ground, a couple of thousand fans of pure breed dog sports from around the globe, together with elite experts and media at the Amsterdam RAI exhibition centre were as wowed and moved by the emotional power of the EWC music as were twenty more thousands of viewers following the live-streaming at their screens from home.

SoundAdvice was a pivotal enabler to creating such memorable moment – they can be highly recommended for any task and as a versatile go-to-partner when music is to underpin a brand message to the point."

 Alain Maes, Founder & director, Public Impact 

"I called upon SoundAdvice to create the music soundtrack for the first ever on-line 30 second film advertising my company, Public Impact. They made the process so fast and easy, and the result was so great, I also asked them to produce the second film - and now have what looks like a mini-online campaign supporting my brand. 
I really wasn't sure how to go about briefing for the first film's music but that's where Michel started to make a difference : he looked at the film, and essentially wrote the music brief for me - in simple, clear terms that gave very clear guidance on the tone and feeling that the music needed to create in order to support the images. With the brief agreed fast and easily, SoundAdvice then delivered the perfect soundtrack in a matter of days - sounding just right for the film, and establishing a very cool, very recognizable lead melody line which was written to be "endlessly re-arrangeable" - so that over time it can become a signature for the brand. 
For companies with limited budget like mine, being noticed AND being consistent in their communications are both critical, and having music that not only does a great job of enhancing the images they support, but also sounds consistent over time, is incredibly helpful. I would recommend SoundAdvice to any brands who are serious about how they sound."

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