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 SoundAdvice exists to help brands find and express their unique voice. 

 A voice in tune with their equity, in tune with their consumers, and in tune with your team’s strategic choices. 

We achieve this by delivering perfect-fit music and sound for whichever project gives your brand team a headache.

Come to us if you need to do any of the following :

 Create all-original soundtracks for your TV or Digital ads.  

This includes illustrative music, jingles and sung selling lines, all of which will drive brand equity and project ROI.

 Write the music brief for any project.  

So that music selection and evaluation becomes a strategic, objective, efficient process.


 Unlock "impossible" music discussions between client & agency.  

By (re)writing the music brief and / or helping music evaluation & feedback.


 Articulate your brand’s sonic / musical equity, and create its key sonic assets.  

Musical “world”, sound menu, jingle, musical selling line, signature songs.


 Create the sonic identity of your radio / radio / store / site / event. 

Including main anthem, jingles and sound effects. 

 Create radio executions for your brand.  

Either of an existing multi-media campaign, or radio-only advertising, from brief to idea to execution.


 Recommend an existing song and edit it pitch-perfect to your film.  

Should you choose to use one, that will best deliver against your communication objectives.


 Create high quality covers for your ads.  

If you have already identified the song you want, and want your own, tailored, cost-effective version of it.


 If your particular music headache is not listed above, go to the "contact" page and ask us. 

We have yet to face a music-for-ads problem we cannot solve.

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