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 Welcome to SoundAdvice - effective, made-to-measure music for ads and brands. 

 Our vocation : creating "effective music" for your ads and brands, which will drive effectiveness, build your business & brand equity. 

We believe that only the right balance of creativity and strategic discipline will unlock music's potential to drive your communications ROI. 

We have the dual expertise - in music creation and production, and in world-class marketing and strategy - required to unlock that potential.

 Our specialty : made-to-measure soundtracks that MEASURABLY amplifies the clarity & impact of your ads, from brief - included - to finished on-air product. 

We can articulate your brand's musical strategy and equity, to drive brand recognition in the long run.

We can unlock complex music-for-ads discussions by phrasing your music-related opportunities and needs with clear, concise strategic language.

 Our list of of happy clients is ever-expanding - brand teams and agencies whose music headaches we've turned into brand-building soundtracks. 

From Beauty (L'Occitane) to Luxury (Coty avec Lacoste, Wella, Sebastian), from FMCG (Ariel, Lenor, Monsieur Propre, Eukanuba) to Food (Magnum), from Grey to Tribal via Leo Burnett or Saatchi & Saatchi : their music headaches have been solved by SoundAdvice's blend of strategic thinking and creative skill.


 Our showreel is the place to start - then don't hesitate to contact us. Nothing like the sound of a voice to get things going. 

We'll be happy to help you like we've helped all of our brand and agency partners so far : bring us your own music-related headaches - and we will solve them for you - and with you, agency and client. We are based in Geneva and happy to meet you face to face.

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